SAP Connector - Integration with Engineering Base and SAP

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SAP Connector for Engineering Base

Company-wide integration of the engineering process

Your advantages:

- Seamless integration of EB and SAP
- Full workflow support of SAP ERP
- Easy retrieval of all relevant data out of your own system
- No registration processes
- Secure and traceable data exchange
- Double data administration becomes redundant due to central master data management in SAP
- Automatic BOM generation
- Considerable minimization of errors
- Central document management accelerates searching and finding


Based in Walldorf, Germany, SAP is the leading supplier of enterprise software. Since its founding in 1972, SAP has become the leading provider of enterprise software through its innovation and growth. Thanks to SAP applications and services, more than 250,000 customers worldwide are able to operate profitably, constantly adapt to new demands and grow in a sustainable manner.


Once the individual engineering departments in companies have optimized their efficiency to the maximum using modern processes and tools, a further increase in efficiency can only be achieved over the long term via networking and interdisciplinary cooperation

The SAP Connector for Engineering Base (EB) enables company-wide integration of the engineering process and thus forms a basis for a company-wide increase in efficiency.


With the SAP Connector, Engineering Base ensures seamless integration between EB and SAP. Information from both systems can be thus exchanged in a secure and transparent manner.


Users can retrieve all relevant data from the other system and use it without having to leave their original system.

SAP-system - sketch and content© AUCOTEC AG

The functional scope of the standard solution is described on the following pages. This standard solution can be customized to include additional functions (for example, order BOMs, CRM integration and so on). For this purpose, AUCOTEC can rely on the wealth of experience that it has gained together with partners and customers in about 20 years and over 60 integration projects.


The user is registered in SAP with the user name and password or automatically with the Windows registration data via the Active Directory. After registering successfully, registration automatically takes place in the background without further interaction with the user when using other SAP functions.

Material master data
SAP leads in terms of material master data. New materials created in SAP are automatically created in EB during the comparison. Material changes in SAP are automatically transferred to EB.

Material BOMs
Material BOMs in SAP can be created and compared as BOMS with and without history requirement in accordance with project planning in EB at module level and as a BOM throughout the entire project. The mechatronic product structure known from SAP can thus be completely mapped in EB.

EB and SAP structural comparison
The EB locations and EB project can be assigned a new or existing SAP BOM header material for exporting the BOMs.

Delta report
The user can view the differences between the EB structure and an existing SAP BOM via a convenient detailed delta report.

Reusing modules
Copying existing EB projects and SAP BOMs, BOMs at location level can be reused.

Dialog for BOM export with delta report© AUCOTEC AG

Project and document management
SAP specifies the name of an EB project. Each EB project is clearly assigned to a SAP document info record and the document number is also the name of the EB project.


Dialog for project and document management© AUCOTEC AG

Creating or copying project
When creating or copying an EB project, a new SAP document info record is also created automatically.

Transferring documents to SAP
EB maintains its own document info record in SAP for each language and files the complete document of the EB project there as the original.

Releasing project
The status of all SAP document info records (DIR) for this EB project with the same version is set to "Released". The project is write-protected in EB and is locked for editing as a result. The authorizations for projects in EB automatically follow the DIR status network in SAP.

Versioning project
A revision of the EB project is created and the assigned SAP document info records for all configured languages are versioned.


A high level of acceptance is achieved among users due to the complete workflow support for SAP ERP. The central management of the device master data in SAP prevents the duplicate maintenance that would otherwise result and thus saves not only time and money, but also helps to avoid errors. The automatic creation of BOMS also avoids error-prone and time-consuming and costly manual entry of data and its comparison.  Centralised management of documents facilitates the rapid retrieval of drawings.