Teamcenter Connector for Engineering Base:

Company-wide integration of the engineering process

Benefits at a glance:


- Automated reconciliation between Teamcenter® and Engineering Base
- Fewer sources of error
- Greater consistency in company data
- Minimal synchronisation effort
- Rapid, efficient availability of engineering data
- System-supported data exchange between the different engineering disciplines
- Complete workflow support through Teamcenter®


In current global markets where the emphasis on competition is so strong, leading companies must develop and offer first-class products. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) gives comprehensive support for this: a company-wide PLM system promotes product and process innovation by presenting decision-makers with precisely the information that they require to come to more intelligent decisions that lead to better products. Teamcenter® from Siemens PLM Software is the PLM system in most widespread use worldwide. For companies in all sectors it facilitates the management of increasingly complex products and hence the maximisation of productivity, as well as optimisation of global company functions.

Thanks to its comprehensive PLM solution portfolio, Teamcenter® links the stages of the total product lifecycle with a central information source for product and process knowledge. Teamcenter® supports companies as they bring ever more complex products to market - with a simultaneous boost in productivity and optimisation of global collaboration.

Once the individual engineering departments in companies have optimised their efficiency to the maximum using modern processes and tools, a further increase in efficiency can only be achieved over the long term via networking and interdisciplinary cooperation.


The Teamcenter® Connector for Engineering Base (EB) enables company-wide integration of the engineering process and thus forms a basis for a comprehensive increase in efficiency. The connector provides a seamless link between ultra-modern engineering and a state-of-the-art PLM. Information from both systems can thus be exchanged in a secure and transparent manner.

Users can retrieve all relevant data from the other system and use it without having to leave their customary environment.

Teamcenter Connector© AUCOTEC AG


The automated data transfer between Engineering Base and Teamcenter® guarantees the secure reconciliation of data held in the two systems. In addition, the proneness to error in the consistency of the company-held engineering data is significantly reduced - while the effort applied to manually synchronising the systems is simultaneously minimised. The data created in Engineering Base is quickly and efficiently made available via Teamcenter® to all staff in the company who require access to it.

Teamcenter®'s complete workflow support also creates a high level of acceptance for the solution among the users.


The following points sketch out the scope of the standard solution. This standard solution can be expanded to include additional functionality (for example, order BOMs, CRM integration and so on). In this context AUCOTEC can draw on a wealth of experience gathered in collaboration with partners and customers.

The user's Teamcenter® login is accomplished using the user name and password or automatically with the Windows login data via the Active Directory. After successful login, no further such interaction with the user is required because login takes place automatically in the background when using other Teamcenter® functions.

Project and document management
Teamcenter® specifies the name of an EB project. Each EB project is clearly assigned to a Teamcenter® folder and the designation issued through Teamcenter® is also the name of the EB project.

Transferring documents to Teamcenter®
EB maintains its own document info record in Teamcenter® for each language and files the complete document of the EB project there as a PDF.

Project versioning
A new revision of the project is created in EB and the assigned Teamcenter® folder for all configured languages is versioned.